SMS Transmission Mechanisms for Multi-Protocols on VoIP


On the development of the various IP (Internet protocol)-based services, it is expected that Internet telephony service will gradually replace the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network)-based telephony service. But there are many issues to be resolved in order to spread widely the Internet telephony services. One of them is to support SMS (short message service) through the heterogeneous VoIP (voice over IP) environment. Even though the SMS has been used as one of the most famous services in the cellular network, it should be also provided in the ubiquitous environment that supports any services to anyone at anytime, anywhere with any devices. In this paper, we suggest a new mechanism for supporting the SMS on the heterogeneous VoIP environment; specifically H.323 and SIP (session initiation protocol) coexist in the Internet. This mechanism is expected to help in providing better quality of services to the ISPs and Internet users on the emerging VoIP systems and services markets.


9 Figures and Tables

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